What we do

We evolve leaders.

We support leaders building a mindful, trustful, and purposeful mindset to achieve sustainable personal and business success.

Our Approach

Learn about our "3 Powers Model™" for successful leadership

Our passion is enabling leaders to be present and becoming mindful, building trustful teams, and defining purpose for the organization. Leaders who care operates at the sweet spot of these 3 dimensions. We call this "The 3 Powers Model™" of leadership:

The 3 Powers Model
  • 01 | Mindful leaders – the power of presence
  • 02 | Trustful teams – the power of empowerment
  • 03 | Purposeful companies – the power of why
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Leadership Development

How sustainable is your success?

Research is showing growing evidence that mindfulness is one of the most powerful resources in leadership yet not very widely used and known.

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Coaching & Mentoring

Is your leadership aligned with your inner compass?

Our coaching and mentoring programs are customized and designed to meet our clients’ needs, and are based on different service categories

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Medical Strategy Consulting

Does your medical strategy accelerate your business?

Translating your science into business opportunities is key for sustainable success. Our focus is on Start-up businesses, Reorganizations and Early-stage presence in Europe for global reach.

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