Becoming a RISE Leader

Mastering the balance board of leadership.

Resilient | Innovative | Sustainable | Energized

You have been in leadership roles for a while and know the different forces pulling at every leader and team. It’s not easy to keep the right balance between a solid point of view, a growth mindset, long-term success and your personal fitness in body and mind.

It's all about mastering your balance on the board of the 4 leadership capabilities: resilient, innovative, sustainable, and energized.

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Time invest

2.5 days program

For whom is it

Solid leadership experience

How many

3 to max. 6 participants


You will RISE to lead on the next level

The program

This program boost your mastery on the balance board of leadership addressing all 4 forces to help you develop your leaders capabilities and mindset:

RISE – resilient, innovative, sustainable and energized mind.

Who is it for

Your solid leadership experience leading people and filling your place in the organization is the base for this program. And now is the time to go further. To boost your mastery on the balance board of leadership.

Your benefits

Throughout the program you will RISE to lead on the next level.

To master your balance on the leadership balance board when the forces of a solid point of view, a growth mindset, long-term success and your personal fitness in body and mind are pulling you around.

A resilient leader is a mindful leader, taking care for the mental health of self and others. You will learn how Innovation, creativity and psychological safety are interconnected.

Sustainable leadership means focus and clarity on purpose for long term success. And an energized leader knows the power of pausing to feel and spread happiness and serenity.

How the program works

This program leads you through 2.5 days of intense learning, reflection, feedback and coaching.

You will take away deep insides on all 4 dimension to boost your balance on the balance board of leaders. This will enable you to bring yourself and your team to the next level.

Berghotel Wanna – Terrasse
Berghotel Wanna – Sitzecke

The location

Berghotel Wanna, Switzerland

Berghotel Wanna is a mountain lodge located 20 minutes drive from Klosters in the mountain region of Graubünden.

The hotel with its rustic lounge area and meeting room, large fire-place, bar, library, sauna and outdoor hot tub is the perfect place for your tailor made mountain holidays or events (workshops, seminars, team-buildings, birthdays).

Berghotel Wanna

What is included

For this intense program we invite small groups of 3 to max. 6 participants. This will allow for peer learning, group feedback and exchange of leadership experiences. The location in a boutique mountain hotel, Berghotel Wanna, that we book exclusively for this course to ensure privacy and space for peer teaching.

The program includes all moderation, coaching, accommodation, full board meals, and 3 times 60 minutes follow-up coaching. Transportation from major hubs (Airport, Station) can be organized.

The program including all above is 2.800 CHF (Swiss franc) per participant. VAT is not included.

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