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Since 2022 Bernhard is partner at Avvartes.

About Avvartes

Change has never been so radical, global and fast and never was the future of business so unpredictable. No organization is immune to the realities in which business models are transformed by new technologies and new customer expectations. Speed, Managing Complexity, Creativity and Innovation are required to grow and thrive. To navigate successfully through the waves of change requires exceptional teamwork and fast learning on all organizational levels. Working with leaders, teams and organizations, we make learning happen around the globe.

We always work with you, creating together tailored solutions for your challenges, in an unapologetically humanistic way.

Fit for the future

Based around the globe our aim is to work with you to understand and help you to strengthen your business and get ready for the future. Our mission is to embolden leaders, teams and organizations to learn, grow and thrive in the fast changing world.

We build "future-fit" capabilities and have unique strengths in effective & resilient leadership, future-fit teams & organizations and strategies to empower & engage your people. We always work with our clients, creating together tailored solutions for your challenges.

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Logo Mindfulness Mountain Academy

In 2021 Andrea and Bernhard co-founded the Mindfulness Mountain Academy.

About Mindfulness Mountain Academy

Mindfulness Mountain Academy offers a combination of coaching, mindfulness training and nature experience, such as mindful hikes, forest health training and nature coaching.

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About Sharanam

Marco & Cátia created SHARANAM in 2019 in the beautiful island of Madeira, Portugal. SHARANAM is directly associated with the word "refuge", meaning our most intimate being, our true home.

Not having a direct physical place, SHARANAM goes around the planet Earth offering Meetings, Intensives, Retreats, Live On-line Broadcasts, Spontaneous Talks, Meditation, Devotional Singing with Indian Harmonium and Yoga all over the planet Earth.

Marco Vasconcelos

For many years now Marco has been studying, practicing and sharing the ancient eastern spiritual arts and sciences from India which are precious instruments in his classes and meetings.

For the past few years he has been studying and practicing the ancient arts of Sanskrit and Indian Classical music as well as Vedanta, Yoga Nidra and Hatha Yoga.

Cátia Fernandes

Cátia met Yoga through Marco and since then they have shared this journey of self discovery and knowledge.

Her natural curiosity, devotional spirit, discipline and desire to know more about oneself naturally were deepened as she discovered Yoga as a lifestyle.

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