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Bernhard Kaumanns

Dr. Bernhard Kaumanns

Bernhard is a physician and seasoned executive leader in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry. Of his 30+ years working in the healthcare sector he spend 20+ years in Bluechip and Start-up Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies like Serono, Baxter, Alnylam and Acceleron building and leading international teams.

He is thrilled by the growing evidence in research showing that mindfulness is one of the most powerful resources in leadership yet not very widely used and known. Bernhard is a pioneer practitioner and advocate of leadership based on mindfulness, trust and purpose.

Bernhard founded his consultancy company "Leaders who care AG" based on the principles of mindful leaders, trustful teams, purposeful companies supporting leaders and their teams as facilitator, executive coach and enabler of transformation.

He is married with Andrea, loves the mountains and spends most of his free time outdoors with his wife. He is a ZEN meditation practitioner and an eager student of Aikido and Yoga.

The power of nature

Diving into the powerful experience of mindfulness and nature to share with leaders and teams is an honor and his passion. A walk in the mountains is his most powerful way of re-energizing.

Over more than 20 years Bernhard and his wife Andrea enjoying nature as their place of inspiration, reflection and re-connection with themselves and with each other. They truly believe in the power of nature to accelerate personal health, mindfulness in business and sustainable performance.

The promise

Offering mindfulness in leadership, Bernhard’s medical knowledge and leadership experience will support leaders and teams to broaden their mindset and thrive for healthy and sustainable performance.

Andrea Heckelmann

Andrea Heckelmann

Andrea is working as a nature coach, hiking and forest guide.

For more than 2 decades she worked in the office, as international project manager and later as business coach. She loves nature and the mountains to balance things out but was usually only out there on the weekends. Over time she more and more questioned her indoors, stressful working world.

A health-related break in 2015 caused an important "Aha" effect. She realigned her life and completely moved her future workplace outside. Fresh air instead of air conditioning. Today, nature is a big part of her life. She consciously uses nature for inspiration, mindfulness and for more clarity.

Andrea is a certified forest health trainer (Kneipp Ärztebund e.V.), worked several years as Esa-certified hiking guide and most recent qualified as Forest guide in Wohlleben's forest academy, all making her a qualified nature process companion on your way to yourself.

She is always impressed to see how well the connection with nature supports the processing of private or professional matters.

The positive energy that unfolds when you are in nature, the peace and power of the forests, enjoy the deep and wide views from the summit.

"With every step into nature, you get far more than you are looking for" (Robert Underwood Johnson, founder of Yosemite National Park) How true!

In this sense; go out and treat yourself to a break in nature.

The promise

Enhancing mindfulness by the power of nature is Andrea’s passion. Her experience as mountain coach and forrest therapist will complete our offers for sustainable leadership development.

Mindfulness Mountain Academy

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