About us

We are Leaders who care.

We are an independent team of experts for leadership development, coaching, mentoring and consulting.

Our Mission

Enabling the leadership powers of mindfulness, trust, and purpose

We believe the most powerful contributors to sustainable success are mindful leaders, trustful teams, and purposeful organizations.

Our mission is enabling these powerful contributors for leaders to become present and mindful, build trustful teams and define purpose for the organization.

We believe connecting to nature is a strong source for reflection and strength. We guide and coach leaders and teams into nature to gain clarity; we call this reset – explore – focus.

We are constantly scaling our impact by including partners who share the same beliefs and extend our cooperation with likeminded networks.

Making progress – Liz Fosslien

Our Story

Growth is like walking on a spiral walkway. When you start walking, your starting point gets out of sight and it can feel like moving backwards. But when you finish the round you’re ending up a level higher, one more with every round life offers.

Our spiral of life made us learn about successes and frustrations, passion and burn-out, developing leaders and feelings of betrayal, personal strength and cancer diagnosis. It left us stronger, focusing on what’s really important and sharing our experiences for the better of others.

On this fundament we created Leaders who care. Believing in mindfulness, trust, purpose and the power of nature.

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Our Values

People tell us we are authentic characters.
We take this as a compliment.
Take us accountable by our values.

  • 01

    Telling the truth.

    Be honest towards ourselves and others in both seeking and speaking the truth.

  • 02

    Speaking up.

    Take the courage to speak up and lead in uncomfortable situations.

  • 03

    Helping others.

    Be passionate in supporting people and organisations to grow mindful and sustainable.

  • 04

    Do the right thing.

    We are Leaders who care in our interactions with people, passionate in the work we believe in and life-long learners to inspire ourselves and others for living an authentic and rewarding life.

Our Partners

We work together with our trusted partners

Avvartes ist a worldwide company who offers individual Leadership Coaching, supports women Leadership, provides Team Coaching and deliver Leadership Development programs.

Mindfulness Mountain Academy offers a combination of coaching, mindfulness training and nature experience, such as mindful hikes, forest health training and nature coaching.

Marco Vasconcelos & Cátia Fernandes created SHARANAM in 2019 in the beautiful island of Madeira, Portugal. SHARANAM is directly associated with the word "refuge", meaning our most intimate being, our true home.

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