Leaders who care AG
Mühlegasse 52
6340 Baar, ZG, Switzerland
mobil: +41 (0)79 1 54 67 83
email: info(at)leaderswhocare.ch
Mindful leaders.
Trustful teams.
Purposeful companies.

Leaders who care is a growing network of partners who see future leadership to be mindful, trustful and purposeful. Our mission is enabling leaders and companies for sustainable growth and business success on this basis.

We can help you get there.

How sustainable is your success?

High performing leaders know how to scale their leadership momentum through their teams. Building a mindset of mindful, trustful, and purposeful leadership will lead your way to sustainable success as a winning leader and team.

  • Mindful – you know yourself, your excellence, your limits, and you respect both.
  • Trustful – you go beyond empowering and show vulnerability as a leader to build trust.
  • Purposeful – you know your WHY. You are passionate about what you do, and you inspire others by your purpose.

Born in Zug, Switzerland – operating where need is.